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Angelfall (Penryn & the End of Days, #1) by Susan Ee

I know it's a good book when I absolutely want to take notes but can find no adjectives to jot down. I am enthralled and stupefied.

Oookay. I'm just gonna stick to basic English words like




A teenage girl who will risk everything to rescue her younger sister. An angel who will put himself at the mercy of his enemies for the chance to be made whole again. Two very different missions. One destination. What does that say?

Yup, a Daughter of Man and an Angel. It is not so much that the formula has never been done before, (Uhm, hello Hush Hush, Fallen, and Halo!) it's just that the narration and characterization is different. Susan Ee has a way with words. The blurb might look easy peasy predictable but it is so much more than that. The story, this book, is very much complex I don't even know what to say other than...



I mean, the ending?

I'm actually okay with this being a one-time-big-time thing. With all of this ending with open possibilities. I'm cool with just one perfect book. Yeah, I know. I'm a coward. I'm just scared that book 2 will hurt me more. I'm weird that way. Also, the perfection that is Angelfall is hard to follow but I don't, not even one bit, doubt Susan Ee's capability to continue her powerful story.


But I just have to ask Miss Ee,




There still aren’t enough strong females in fiction, especially for teens, and I think that's what make Penryn special. The fact that her kickassness (Yup, that's a word) has been justified puts her on a pedestal. She's not one of those girls who were magically turned into warriors even without proper training just because it is the apocalypse. I also love that she is far from perfect. I don't want to spoil anything but there is a scene once they entered the camp wherein she is being challenged by a big guy and she kinda expected for Raffe to rescue her. He didn't. I loved her more for that. She is badass I give you that. But she is honest enough to admit that she is not invincible. That she can't conquer everything on her own. And that just makes her more human. I mean, when facing the impossible, don't we just want other people's help? Well, unless we are a Mary Sue of course.


Raffe, I just love Raffe. He got spunk. Sometimes I wonder why I feel like he is just a hot sexy boy with a wicked sense of humor instead of an angel? But that is just me. I never met an archangel in real life anyway. So... whatever! I still love him!

“My friends call me Wrath,” says Raffe. “My enemies call me Please Have Mercy. What’s your name, soldier boy?"




Don't you worry, Penryn. I know exactly how you feel.


The romance in this book is a SUBPLOT. But Penryn and Raffe's journey touched my cold little heart and I just can't help but to root for them. Their attraction to each other is not the usual from-the-moment-I-meant-you-I-just-knew-you'd-be-mine crap. It is not a superficial attraction.




The scene stealer award goes to...

*drum roll please*

Penryn's mom!

Every book needs a bit craziness.

Hope to see more of her in World After.





Susan Ee is just brilliant. No other words. I mean, c'mon! Angel-apocalypse, hello?


Oh Ms. Ee,

Toss me book number 2 please!

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